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Shannon Crites founded SC Dance in 1990 and is the director and primary instructor at the studio. Shannon received her BFA in Dance Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma. While in college, she performed with the OU Ballet and Modern Companies and was an instructor of the National Cheerleading Association.

She studied dance in New York City and Los Angeles and continues to take master classes. Her expertise is often called upon to judge dance competitions. She was selected and served as an Oklahoma Guest Artist in Residence. She has choreographed productions and dance groups through out the United States and has been named Top Choreographer at L.A. Dance Force, Show Biz Talent and Encore Performing Arts. In 2002, Shannon received the Dance Educator Award of Excellence.

Dance teaches many lessons: Poise, grace, agility, musicality, work ethic, commitment to community, perseverance, personal strength and of course the joy of movement. Our staff is dedicated to sharing these lessons as well as their passion and love of dance in hopes that you too will find happiness in both performing and watching this beautiful art form.

We would love to have you join our studio and community.

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