To maintain order in both our classrooms and our facility, we ask you and your dancer to respect the following:


Absolutely no food/eating is allowed in the dance rooms and the lobby area. For students in the student apprentice program, please see your handbook for this rule.


Staying hydrated is very important to dancers! Please ensure your child has a water bottle with a spill proof lid in their dance bag at all times. No Gatorade, soda or other sugary drinks are allowed inside the dance studio.

Waiting Room

We have a number of benches for parents or guardians to use while waiting for your child. Please be aware you are not required to wait for your child while they are participating in class. If you child has back-to-back classes, our trained student apprentices will help change their shoes. Additionally, siblings of dancers MAY NOT be left unattended in the waiting room.


Please ensure your child has used the restroom prior to going into the classroom. This is very important, especially in our younger classes, as we use every single minute of class for instruction. Children coming in and out of class to use the restroom are very distracting to the other students.

Late Policy

If your child is more than 10 minutes late to class, we may ask him/her to sit out of class if they miss our warm-up. Warm-up is essential for keeping your dancer’s body healthy.

Lost & Found

There is a bucket where all lost items are placed each day. The lost and found bucket will be cleaned out twice per year – once at Christmas Break and once immediately following recital. Anything not claimed will be donated or thrown away.