Class Structure

All of our classes have a consistent structure, whether it is ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, or hip hop. The instructor begins with barre work or center warm ups. This warm up is not the same as stretching. It is the basis of the specific dance technique the student is learning. Similar in learning to spell, a student first needs to know the alphabet. Each step used in the warm up is used later in the class as part of the center work or part of the work across the floor.
For example, pliés (bending of the knees) are done at the beginning of each ballet class. Pliés are then used each time the dancers jumps and as preparation for many types of turns. If pliés are done incorrectly, the dancer risks injury. Therefore, we use the beginning of each class to establish correct placement and execution of pliés.
We encourage parents to attend our Parent Visitation Days to learn more about the class structure and ask any questions you may have.

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